A Glimpse into the Future with a Taste of Tradition


Our latest endeavor for Nyåkers Pepparkakor captures a captivating nighttime scene, where a boy's quest for gingerbread unfolds in a futuristic cityscape of flying cars and towering robots.

We crafted a vibrant futuristic cityscape and a flying Volvo EPA, pulsing with heavy beats, and seamlessly integrated these elements with the filmed material through compositing. This film celebrates the enduring charm of Nyåkers' gingerbread recipe since 1952, amidst a constantly evolving world. It's a blend of tradition and future, proving "Some things never change."



Client: Nyåkers Pepparkakor

Director & Producer: Sebastian Sahin / Henning Sandström
3D & VFX: Niklas Lundberg / Magnus Näsström / It's Mccoy
Mattepainting: Pär Olofsson
Sound: Andreas Estensen

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